Mac’s Startup Chime is Back!

Now it is possible to bring back iconic startup chime which Apple was using on Macs for ages, but was deprecated in 2016. Simply fire-up your Terminal and modify your NVRAM as follows:

yourUsername@YourMac ~ % sudo nvram StartupMute=%00

(Command you type in Terminal is in Bold)

Exit Terminal and Restart… your Mac, your should hear your Startup Chime is back.

If you want to turn it off again, just use:


Also if you clear or reset your NVRAM later, this setting is also gone and you have to repeat the procedure described above.

There were couple workarounds also described before, all of them stopped working for Mac models released in 2016 and later. Fortunately this one works!!! Many users confirm this solution works on MacBooks Pro with Touch Bar from 2017, iMacs Pro and even currently release 16-inch MacBook Pro from 2019.

I’m not sure from which macOS version this works again, at least with latest releases of Catalina and also Mojave it is confirmed.

I just hope Apple will keep it there, I’m very happy that I have my startup chime back, was missing this a lot. It’s not just about being ‘iconic’ stuff for Macs, It’s also great ‘diagnostic tool’ which lets you know your Mac has just started, which is really useful for various reasons. So enjoy and have great day everyone.


Hello world!


Do you think I didn’t even bother to change the title of my very first post? But how to better start than using these two iconic words, which developers, admins and power-users use for ages whenever they wanna say: “It works!”

What this site’s gonna be about?

Mainly about Macs and my tips, guides and solutions (sometimes not that obvious) which I came across while working around some of the macOS problems.

Have to say, Apple still does great job to keep their system and apps nicely “simple”, clean and safe, consistent in terms of UI design and optimized for privacy and performance. But with something so huge as operating system and amount of code it’s based on there’s always space for bugs, troubles, security flow and no company, even Apple, is immune to that. We will take a look at some of those problems in following posts on this site and also on possible fixes and solutions.

Today’s Apple might be not so obsessed with perfection and sense for details, which we all loved, like they were before. Probably because they become overwhelmed with so many new features they’re adding and on the other hand which give our systems so fresh and attractive feeling.

Unfortunately we see more and more “mess” sneaking slowly in, there’s lack of documentation to new functionalities which is often incomplete, outdated or simply missing. Today many new things Apple pushes silently in their system without letting anyone know, just keep them “secret” and it’s nearly impossible to find relevant information anywhere.

But no matter how much you would complain about annoyances in system and apps, bugs taken over and over from version to version or unpopular steps Apple have taken regarding butterfly keyboards, ports, great and unique device discontinued like AirPorts, etc. There’s probably still nothing better than that, right? …and that’s why we love Apple and maybe also why you are here.

Join me and keep an eye on my website for a lot of interesting stuff coming up in following posts.

Have a great day everyone and…

“Think different.”

Steve Jobs