Launchpad Troubles

Are you experiencing the problem when Launchpad keeps rearranging your application’s icons just by it self, like on the picture above?

…and like this?

Seems like Launchpad on macOS including latest released version of Catalina 10.15.2 (19C57) rearranges application’s icons its own wrong way whenever you touch something in System Preferences or when new apps are installed (including native App Store apps made by Apple).

Basically what it does is, that it follows the Applications folder structure as it is, so it places everything except of Utilities folder in the main Launchpad area and what’s in Utilities folder it puts in ‘Other’ application group.

Ok, but that’s not how it should look like by default, when Launchpad icons were properly organized, right?

I was not able to isolate exactly what is the trigger for this weird Launchpad behavior, but at least there is an easy way to put everything back into the ‘line’.

To reset your Launchpad to factory default state type the following command in the Terminal:

(Don’t type the ‘%’ in the beginning of the line! It’s terminal prompt.)

% defaults write ResetLaunchPad -bool true

Then either Restart you Mac or type another command to reload Launchpad:

% killall Dock

And you are done…

…unfortunately just for a while, before Launchpad decides to rearrange it’s icons again and you have to go through the procedure above again.

I know that’s pain and very inconvenient especially for someone who like to keep his Launchpad organized particular way.

I did many tests already on clean, fresh reinstalled latest version of Catalina, various Macs, different user accounts, Language & Region setting (because I was thinking it might be related to this), but with no luck.

Looks like many users are reporting problems with Launchpad. I think that these are bugs in Catalina, and for now I haven’t heard of any permanent solutions beyond what was explained above.

Hopefully Apple addresses these in the next update.

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